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How to Select an Effective Active Shooter Response Kit

As a security solutions provider, Hedge Security Solutions, LLC is committed to helping organizations maintain a safe and secure environment. In today’s world, the possibility of an active shooter situation is a reality that requires careful preparation and planning. One of the most crucial components of an effective response strategy is an active shooter response kit. But how do you choose the right one for your organization? This guide will walk you through the process and provide insights into selecting the best kit for your needs.

Essential Tools for Your Active Shooter Response Kit

When selecting an active shooter response kit, there are several key components to consider:

First Responder Essentials:

Include medical supplies such as tourniquets, trauma bandages, and gauze to treat injuries quickly and effectively.

Add hemostatic dressings and chest seals to address severe bleeding and chest wounds.

Incorporate first aid materials for minor injuries and stress management tools.

Rapid Response Equipment:

Equip the kit with tactical flashlights to help navigate dark or obstructed areas.

Add door wedges and emergency escape tools to secure rooms and create safe exit paths.

Include tools such as window breakers and seatbelt cutters for quick and efficient evacuations.

Active Threat Response Tools:

Provide items for barricading doors and windows, such as security bars and door stoppers.

Include self-defense tools like pepper spray or stun devices for personal protection.

Add protective gear, such as helmets and ballistic shields, to enhance safety during an incident.

Communication Devices:

Equip the kit with two-way radios for clear and immediate communication with first responders and other team members.

Add emergency whistles and loudspeakers to alert and guide individuals during a crisis.

Customizing Response Kits for Different Environments

Different environments require tailored active shooter response kits:


Include child-sized tourniquets and other age-appropriate medical supplies.

Add items for crowd control and de-escalation, such as calming aids or noise-canceling headphones.

Provide maps and communication plans tailored for a school environment.


Include supplies for controlling access, such as keycard readers and security cameras.

Add items for data protection and document security during an incident.

Incorporate tools for managing panic and stress among employees.

Houses of Worship:

Focus on crowd control tools and materials for guiding congregants to safety.

Include items for securing entrances and exits, such as automatic door locks.

Provide emergency evacuation plans and designated safe zones for congregation members.

By customizing your kit to fit your specific environment, you can ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Training Tools and Regular Updates

Incorporate training tools into your active shooter response kit to keep your staff prepared:

Include manuals, instructional guides, and other training materials for reference and quick learning.

Conduct regular training sessions with your team to keep their skills sharp and updated.

Organize drills and simulations to provide hands-on experience with the kit and its tools.

Regular updates are also crucial for maintaining the effectiveness of your active shooter response kit:

Check expiration dates on medical supplies and replace them as needed.

Replenish used or damaged equipment to maintain readiness.

Stay informed about new developments and technologies in active shooter response.

Tips for Choosing the Best Active Shooter Response Kit

When selecting the best active shooter response kit for your organization, consider these factors:

Quality: Choose kits from reputable manufacturers to ensure reliability and effectiveness in an emergency.

Price: Compare prices to find a kit that balances quality with cost-effectiveness.

Included Tools: Make sure the kit includes all the necessary tools and supplies specific to your environment.

Portability and Accessibility: Choose a kit that is easy to carry and access, especially in high-pressure situations.

Compatibility with Existing Protocols: Ensure that the kit aligns with your organization’s existing emergency response plans.


As a security solutions provider, Hedge Security Solutions, LLC encourages you to invest in an effective and customized active shooter response kit. By doing so, you will increase the safety and preparedness of your organization, ensuring a swift and efficient response in the event of an active threat.


Essential items include first responder essentials, rapid response equipment, active threat response tools, and clear communication devices.

Customize kits based on your specific setting, considering the needs of your organization and the people in it.

Yes, include manuals, instructional guides, and other training materials for reference and quick learning.

Two-way radios, emergency whistles, and other clear communication tools are crucial for maintaining effective communication during a crisis.

Update your kit regularly by checking expiration dates and replenishing supplies as needed to maintain readiness.

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